Tuesday, March 8, 2016

32 weeks

Another two weeks gone!  I begin twice weekly ultrasounds this week, which sound great, but gets old kinda fast.  I feel like I am finally starting to look a little bigger, but maybe not...
A contributing factor to looking bigger may be that baby girl flipped and is now in a breech position.  She was still head down at our echocardiogram two weeks ago, so it happened pretty recently.  I was starting to suspect she may have turned when I started feeling some VERY strong movements on my bladder last week.  Kicks tend to be stronger than punches and she really likes to dance!

Her growth is looking great as well.  Her abdomen had been on the smaller side, but increased from 5% to 12%, which is great!  I asked if there was a chance they would let me go to 40 weeks.  While they can't force me to go early, they recommend that I don't go past 39 weeks since I am dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure.  I will most likely heed their advice and either be induced at 39 weeks, or have a scheduled c-section if I haven't gone on my own yet.  There is a chance they would take me as early as 37 weeks if my blood pressure starts to rise, but I am hoping to make it to 39.  If she doesn't turn by 36 weeks I will have the option of trying a version, which is a manual turning of the baby.  I have heard these can be really painful and stressful, so I am leaning towards not trying that.  Maybe she will just turn, then I won't have to worry about it.  That being said, if I don't have a favorable cervix at 39 weeks we will be headed for a c-section anyway.  I am not too concerned about having another since my first when so well.  

You may start seeing more updates since I will be at the doctor more, but hopefully nothing too exciting for a while.  7 weeks or less!

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