Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nebraska Christmas Trip

Our annual Nebraska Christmas trip was this weekend.  We have made a habit of having express trips and this one was no different.  Jimmy has been dealing with a minor stomach bug and decided not to make the trip, so Parker and I carpooled with my parents and nephew Jayden.  We left our house about 3:30 on Friday, made a quick stop for dinner and arrived at my aunt and uncles house by 10.  So much of our trip can be driven at 70MPH these days that I forget how fast we can get there.

This was the first time Parker and I shared a bed, but he was very courteous.  I woke up once in the middle of the night and he was snuggles up close! 
 We woke up pretty early and headed to my dad's hometown for breakfast with a bunch of my mom's siblings and some of my cousins.  I had a great sausage omelet and Parker loved the pancakes!  He even ate their free form sausage patties!
 6 of the 12 kids in my mom's family were there.  We don't see them as much as we used to since my grandparents passed away, so it was fun to get together.
 It was a snug fit with 3 in the back seat, but my Jayden was a trooper.
 We arrived to my aunt Glenda's just before noon and Parker just made himself comfortable.
 As usual, Parker had to help with dishes!
 And even managed to find an air conditioner to "inspect."
 After some quick family pictures we played a few games of cards and just hung out.
 Parker even managed to squeak in a snooze amongst the coats.
 The party was winding down, so we hit the road home just after 6.  We grabbed a quick twist cone snack about 30 minutes in and kept on rolling.  The trip home was even quicker since we didn't have to stop for a meal.
 I drove the whole way home, which gave everyone a chance to snooze.
It was nice to be home and just enjoy a relaxing Sunday.  It was brutally cold today, so we mostly just hunkered down.  I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week to come!

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