Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bayfield Apple Fest 2014

My favorite weekend of the year is over again.  Our Bayfield trip was amazing, as usual.  We left home about 10am on Thursday aiming to have lunch in Hayward.  But, not before picking up a box of goodies from Wuollet Bakery!
We arrived in Hayward, WI just before 1 pm and went straight to Coop's for the lunch buffet!  Pizza is one of Parker'e favorite foods so it was one less meal to worry about for him!
A walk down Main is the next tradition.  First stop was the bakery for a pumpkin cookie.
Then Tremblay's to stock up on taffy and truffles!
Also in standard fashion, Parker fell asleep 5 minutes before we got to the cabin.  Luckily, it was a smooth transition inside and he got a great nap in.
Jimmy's sister and her kids arrived later in the evening.  Parker and Paul had a blast playing together before bed.
We woke up early Friday, snacked on some pastries and hit the road for Bayfield.  We stayed about 45 minutes away, so it was a quick drive.  The weather was similar to last year when we arrived, perfect sweatshirt temps!
As always, first stop is the Apple Brats!
Family photo on the pier
The local high school marching band plays through town at noon each day.  Parker loved the music and movement.
Paul showed us all the proper way to eat a caramel apple!
Parker also surprised us by spontaneously signing "more" for the first time outside of therapy.  He continued to do it all weekend and we are so proud.  We have been working towards this for a year, so it made our trip extra special this year.
Another great year enjoying the Bayfield festivities!
We left just as the weather turned colder!  We spent the afternoon resting, then headed out to Garmisch Inn for dinner.  It was date night for us and Julie was kind enough to watch Parker while we went out.  It was snowing when we left and turned into rain as we arrived at the Inn.
The fall colors on the road to Garmisch were gorgeous!  To Jimmy's dismay, I forced him out of the car for a photo!
Dinner on the lake
The fish fry is the reason we come here, it could not be passed up!
We put Parker with his his cousin's in the bunk beds downstairs and he did great!  He has learned to climb out of the pack 'n play so those days are probably behind us.
Saturday was a lazy day at the cabin.  We managed to get outside for a bit, but the rain and cold temps forced us inside quickly!
We had some fun playing with the new slo-mo video on my new phone.
Then played some board games!
We headed home just after dinner along an amazing sunset.
Parker has proven to be an excellent traveler!  We were in the car nearly 10 hours this weekend and hardly made a peep!  Hopefully he will stay that way and we can enjoy more time on the road!

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