Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had an amazing weekend!  The temps were above normal and it even got rather humid by Monday.  It was a fun and productive three days!

I primed our breezeway!  It is really coming together and looks much less like a construction zone.  I expect to have the paint finish this coming weekend.
 Some of our very best friends welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world, so we visited on Sunday.  Liam is such a cutie!
 Parker was oblivious to Liam, but did have fun tearing the hospital apart!  He thought the curtain was the best part and also enjoyed blowing raspberries on the vinyl chairs.
 We spent Sunday at Grandpa and Nana's house.  Parker did much better with the 4-wheeler this time.  He was still very cautious, staying mostly on the blanket near me, but there were no tears!  That is major progress!
Monday we went for a bike ride to the park.  Parker did much better with both this year.
 He wasn't afraid to climb the play structures and went down the slides on his own.
Still too little for the tire swing, but he tried!
 Lastly, we did some gardening.  On Monday, we planted ferns that are originally from my great-grandpa Emory.  Parker "helped" by eating dirt!
I had dug up a 2' x 8' plot for a small garden on Monday and planted some tomatoes and cucumbers I got free on Craigslist (thanks dad!)  I also put up come chicken wire to (hopefully) keep out the rabbits.
I will add a few more things to the garden, onions and maybe jalapenos.  I figure it is best to start small, less lawn to seed if I decide it isn't my thing.
Glad we had time for work and play, but my back is certainly feeling the pain today!  The heat is going to stick around so we may have get Parker's pool set up soon.  

Hope your summer had a great start too!

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