Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Beautiful Day

It was in the 40's again today.  The formerly ice packed roads have melted and puddles have receded.  They are actually passable on foot so we took our first walk of the year!  It was a bit breezy so we still bundled up a little.
 Parker has been really enjoying his outside time.  It was such a long cold winter, it will be nice to play in the yard again.  We still have one are of compacted snow on the driveway that will take a while to melt.  Parker had fun walking on it.  I was doing the same think and almost wiped out, Jimmy got quite the kick out of it.
 Parker did have a little wipe out in a wet spot on the driveway.  I am so excited that he can actually get dirty outside!  (It's the cabin fever talking...)
 Parker has also figured out the remote control Aston Martin he got for Christmas!  It is so fun to watch him play with it!

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