Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Small" Reminders

A good friend of mine recently said "the days go slowly, but the weeks go fast." I never really thought about time this way, but it describes certain stages of life perfectly. Having an infant is one of those stages.

Not all days are long, just the tough ones for the most part. The days when you have a sick, cranky baby to care of. The days when nothing you do seems to comfort your child. But, then you have a moment like I did. You get a reminder of where you have been, where you sometimes wish you could return, but know you can't.

I found it stuck behind the dresser, so small and unassuming. It made me get a bit teary at first. What was it? A diaper. A very tiny diaper. A diaper so small that I can't believe Parker was ever tiny enough to fit in to. But, he was. Born at just 7 lbs. 2 oz., he was in newborn size for almost 6 weeks! I can't believe that was 6 months ago. It is these little reminders that help me appreciate every moment I have with him, even the tough ones. Here is a comparison to the size 2 diaper that he is close to outgrowing.

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