Monday, February 10, 2020

Nebraska Christmas

We finally celebrated Christmas in Nebraska after it was postponed due to snow at the end of December.  We headed out Friday afternoon for our first road trip in the van.  We made really good time, but got held up by a train less than a mile from the hotel.  It wasn't moving at all when we stopped, but it got moving pretty quickly.  We grabbed some breakfast before heading to the pool.
We got ready and headed over to my great grandmas for lunch, presents, and cards.
We also celebrated a few birthdays.  My uncles, Aaron and Faron, and my cousin, Robbie.
Both kids got some toys and clothes and I made a photo book for my grandma of her 80th birthday last summer.
The best gift was the pedal-tire contraption my grandma's boyfriend, Larry, made for Parker.  Both kids loved it!
The kids got a little outside time with Jimmy while the rest of us played cards.  It was an exciting day, so it was no surprise that Esme zonked out pretty quick.
We enjoyed some down time in the hotel Saturday night and got some rest for the drive home.
Cinnamon rolls, let's hit the road!
We knew there would be some weather for the last half of the trip.  There was a lot of blowing snow, but not much accumulation, so we were able to maintain highway speeds most of the way.  I've also decided that minivans are the BEST ROAD TRIP VEHICLE EVER!  Not sure what my hang up was, but this weekend validated the purchase once again.
The snow had stopped by the time we got home and Jimmy cleared a path for us.  Looking forward to making the trip again soon.

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