Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Game On Second Grade

Now that summer has been run in to the ground, we are ready to get back in the groove of the school year.  We had open house last week and got to meet Parker's new teacher, Ms. Anne.  I was nervous about a new teacher since we've loved Ms. Marie for two years, but I think she's going to be awesome!
This is his first year with his own assigned desk, which is exciting.
We had a relaxing last weekend before school started as well.  We decked out in our Husker gear and visited our friend, Rick.
Esme remembered throwing rocks in the creek last time and asked to go back.  There was a fallen tree to navigate through as well.
We spent the afternoon playing outside.
Esme has been paying attention to how I "push" Parker on the swing and tried to pull him back by his feet.
She also got her first scrape of the year (which is pretty impressive.)  She face-planted the driveway and ended up with quite the scab.
We kept up our labor Day Panera tradition, with the kids splitting hotcakes and sausage from McDonald's.
I guess we are ready as we'll ever be. Game on 2nd grade!

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