Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Family Snow Clean-Up

It hasn't been an especially snowy year, but we have had a few storms the last couple of weeks.  The cold temps also mean it's staying on the ground.  It warmed up a bit on Sunday, so the whole family went outside to clear the driveway.  Parker likes to push the snow around with his shovel, but isn't much help.
Esme is in the reverse shoveling stage...At least she's small and can't move that much volume.
Parker decided this was a great time to break out his bike.  It was pretty slick, so he didn't get anywhere very fast.  There is a funny clip at the beginning of the video below of his tire spinning.
It's been a few months since Parker has been able to play with Paisley, so it was cute to watch them interact again.
Hopefully we will be able to get out to play some more this winter.

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