Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More 9 Month Pictures and Family Outings

I did a little outdoor photo shoot with Esme on Sunday.  We took Parker's 9 month pictures at my parents (in August) so I thought it would be fun to do Esme's there too.  She loved riding in the sled!
 We took an outing to the Mall of America on Saturday.  We normally go on Friday nights, so it was a lot busier than we are used to.  Parker loved these little robot dogs, but the barking would drive mom and dad crazy!
 It's not the mall without a stop at the Children's Museum.  We can't even walk by without going in or Parker will start crying.  Their current rotating exhibit is the Amazing Castle.
Esme had her 9 month well child visit on Monday, which was a piece of cake.  Official measurements are: 21 lbs (88%), 28.25" (73%), 17.75" head circumference (82%).  There were no shots this trip and no crying!  Our pediatrician will be on maternity leave for her 1 year appointment, which made me sad, but we get to see her husband and grill him about the new baby!

Tonight we made a run to Costco and Babies R Us to get a new carseat for Parker since Esme will be moving to his in the next couple months.  This heartwarming interaction too place as we were getting ready to leave.  Parker has been more intentional with Esme so much lately.  This will never get old.
They had some really cute moments in the cart, but wouldn't let us capture them holding hands...this confused picture will have to do.
Happy hump day, have a great week!

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