Monday, September 14, 2015

First Day of School

Parker's first day of school was today.  This is his first full year in pre-school and we were all excited for him to go back.  We had an open house a couple weeks ago to meet his new teacher and see his room.  He was a little nervous when we drove up to the school, but that wasn't surprising since it had been three months.  He was in the same classroom and he quickly felt at home once he saw all the toys again.  He has his very own locker and a spot on the wall for projects.
 He burned some energy while we waited to talk with his teacher, Ms. Becky.
We got him a pretty cheap backpack last year since that is all we could find in December.  The outside looked fine, but the inner lining was starting to rip.  We will hold onto it but got him a new one for this year.  It was another cheapy because who can resist a $2.50 backpack!  He didn't want to put it on, but did sit nicely with it before we headed out.  I am sure he had a great first day playing and learning with new and old friends!  He looks so grown up in this picture, can't believe Kindergarten is just 2 years away!

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  1. He looks like such a big guy! And I love that smile on his face :) I'm glad he seems excited for school, and pray that it's a great first week!