Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cookie Extravaganza 2014!

Byerly's had a ridiculous sale on baking supplies last week.  A whole bunch of holiday baking essentials were only $1!  I couldn't resist picking up my limit, so I was forced to do some baking.  Luckily, my mom was just as excited as I was.  Parker and I went over there today to get our cookie on!  
 We set out to make 8 (eek!) different recipes!

Laurie's Cookies (sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting)
Fear no dough!
I was most looking forward to the Gingerdoodles.  I have been eyeing up this recipe for a couple years.  They turned out amazing and will be made many more times!
Once a cookie thief, always a cookie thief!
And, 6ish hours later, we are finished.  Not sure the exact count, but I am guessing we made somewhere around 325 cookies!  I mad up a few plates for my parents to take to their work places, a plate for a neighbors, and a big tray for my work.  Whew, I was ready to sit down after that!
My mom sent most of the cookies home with me so I also put together a few gift boxes for Parker's teacher and therapists.
It was such a fun day, we may have to make this an annual tradition!  Are you doing any holiday baking this year?  What are your favorite recipes?

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