Saturday, November 8, 2014

Twin Cities Donut Crawl

Today was the first ever (official) Twin Cities Donut Crawl!  I heard about it from my friend Shannon and knew right away that was my kind of crawl!  We bundled up and met at the check-in point at 9, which gave us plenty of time to get to our first stop by 9:30!

Bogart's is supposed to be the best, according to a co-worker of mine!  They had a delicious chocolate frosted brioche (I think) doughnut!
I had intended on saving half of every one for Jimmy, but that went out the window after I smashed this one in the bottom of the stroller.  I didn't want to give him any sub-par merchandise!

Next stop was Mel-O-Glaze.  They are seemingly famous for fritters and rightfully so!  We got the best (and still warm) apple fritter I have ever had!
I thought about stealing a bite of Shannon's!
Parker thought it looked pretty delicious!
They were also giving out donut holes for the kids at Mel-O-Glaze!  Parker approved of those too!
Our final stop was A Baker's Wife.  They have TWO cow statues out front, so I knew this place would be awesome!
They were chosen for their cake donut.  We got a basic one with sprinkles, but it was so good.  I am pretty sure I want to come back to all three of these with Jimmy sometime!
Final one of the day!  We all can't wait for next year!

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