Saturday, November 30, 2013

Parker's Second Birthday

Whew, what a day!  Parker birthday was so much fun, but this mama is tired from all the prep work.  Jimmy and I "woke" Parker up together this morning.  We gave him a very enthusiastic "good morning!"
After a quick family photo and snuggle...

...we had breakfast as I was baking his cake and getting dinner ready.  I also had a bunch of decorations to get ready.  I chose a robot theme many, many months ago!  If you remember his first birthday, I have a tendency to go overboard.  I had a great idea for invitations and they turned out perfect!  I never would have been able to make them without my Silhouette.
I made his birthday banner a few weeks ago, so we just had to hang it.  I realized now that I never took a picture... It is basically the same as last year, except the letter were wrapped in aluminum foil and I hot glued nuts, bolts and washers to them.

I made a gear chandelier out of our kitchen light.  Kind of whimsical, I may leave it up for a while.
 Next was fuel cell labels for the beverages.
 And a small sign for the snacks.
 Parker's favorite meal is breakfast so it seemed to be a great idea to have breakfast for dinner!  I also decided that waffles find of look like circuit boards, which robots have!  I used this waffle recipe and everyone loved them.  I was expecting a bunch of leftovers, but there are hardly any.  We had all the toppings you could ever want: strawberries and cream, powdered sugar, syrup, peanut butter, nutella, chocolate chips and sprinkles. We also has cheesy hash brown cups inspired from this recipe and sausage.

 Clean plate club!
 Next was presents.  Parker got so many neat things.  His cousin Paul loved the Busy Car Book.  It has a wind up car that drives on the pages.
 Here he is enjoying 3 of his gifts: Nebraska hooded sweatshirt, Sesame Street shoes and VTech laptop.  He really loves the power button on the laptop.
Finally time for cake!  I made a gear cake with Rodney Copperbottom figures.  He is from Robots, an awesome movie if you haven't seen it!
 Make a wish!
Happy Birthday Parker!  I am so proud to be your mom.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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