Sunday, September 30, 2012

Parker's SECOND date!

If you missed his first date, you can find the story HERE!  Our good friends were in town again last week so we made sure to schedule another playdate (for the adults and the kids!)  Parker and Ava are almost twice as old the last time we got together.  Neither was crawling yet and they didn't have much interest in one another.  This time around they payed pretty well with one another.  Parker just happens to be in a yelling stage and managed to scare Ava pretty good right off the bat!  Once she recovered they had a lot of fun.  Parker even showed Ava his favorite thing to do!
Watching the cars go by...

Hey dude, eyes up here!
It was sad to see them drive of again.  We are already counting the days till we can see each other again!

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