Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finishing our breezeway!

Part of preparing for our little guy's arrival is getting all (most) of the construction projects I have started over the last 2 1/2 years finished!  One big looming project is our breezeway.  It has served little function up until now other than a pathway from the garage to the house and a landing place for a lot of junk!  When we first moved in it had storm doors and single pane windows (some broken) lining the exterior walls.  These were not very secure nor very weather tight so we made some changes early on.

Best picture I have of the outside before any changes.  The door and windows are on the left.
Almost 2 years ago (EEK) we tore out the old doors and windows and installed new ones!

Inside - Lovely dark paneling!
Everything tore out of the front
Door going in the back!
It has been in this general state for the last 2 years, waiting to be finished!  Finally this weekend we got around to finishing the trim and drywalling the inside.  I also bought some cheap indoor/outdoor carpet to cover the cruddy concrete until we decide what type of flooring to put in (probably next year.)  You will also see from the pictures below that we painted our house since installing the windows!  I think the gray is a much more appealing color!  Our neighbors agree.

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