Friday, January 6, 2023

Tough Start to 2023

It really hasn't been as bad as I made that title sound.  Esme started the year with breakfast on the couch.
Parker had been showing signs of not feeling well off and on for many days, but didn't have a fever or throw up.  He finally started to tell us his ear hurt, so we decided to take him in to the doctor.  Sure enough he had an ear infection.  It's been almost 8 years since his last one.  Back then, we just did one antibiotic shot since he won't take oral medication.  This time it was 3 rounds of two shots each.  He got the first two Sunday, then I took him in Monday and Tuesday for the last ones.  
He definitely knew what was going down and kept an eye out for people coming in.  We had such kind nursing staff that helped o hold him down.  The third day he still fought it, but did much better.  They gave him in his legs and he pulled his pants down and climbed on the table on his own.  I was so proud of him.
More sledding!
Esme has been asking to play bingo, so I asked for cards in my local Buy Nothing Group.  I laminated them for each reuse and we were playing!
Even Parker joined us for a couple games.
Wednesday was a doozy of a morning.  We got more snow than expected, but I still tried to get the kids to school after digging Jimmy out at 4:45am.  I made it there (digging myself out once), but got really stuck about 50' from home.  I cleared as much of the road as I could, but couldn't move from this spot.  I eventually called a neighbor that came to help, but I was only able to move a few feet.  The plow then came by and threw salt under the tire tracks and I made it to the garage.  Then I realized I dropped my phone somewhere.  Thank goodness for Apple watch and the ability to ping it.  The plow had cleared the street and it was in a snow bank.  Whew, I was exhausted.  This was the first time we've gotten stuck in the van and in this neighborhood.  We've had large snowfalls, but not when we've needed to get places.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

December Hodgepodge

It's been a busy month in a bunch of other ways too, here's the rest of what we've been up to.

Parker had a family night at his school.  There were 4 or 5 different rooms with activities around music, building, and more.  I didn't get many pictures because we were having so much fun.  They also provided a light meal from a local Nigerian caterer.  I really enyoyed the rice and chicken, and Jimmy ate the plantains.  The kids weren't interested in trying.
We got some free dinosaur chicken nuggets a cuple weeks back and Parker has been asking for them ever since.  He even grabbed the box out of the freezer at Hy-Vee.
December is always a month of potlucks!  The first was a gathering at our friend Jamarcus' home.  His mom was in town for a visit (and he was proposing to his girlfriend the next day.) Speaking of the next day, Esme got another haircut from Ms. Corrie.  We've been taking her in every 8 months or so, when it gets long enough to be a pain to brush after baths.
The next catered/potlucked meal was that night at Jamarcus and Pauli's surprise engagement party.  I was honored to be included.  The best part is that Pauli herself made a pan of banana bread for the party that she thought was going elsewhere.

Parker has his 11 year well child appointment this month.  This was a big one since he got 4 immunizations!
Esme attended a friend's beach theme birthday party. Nachos, games, cupcakes, doesn't get any better.
Winter break is already pretty long for our district, but it came early with 2 snow days this year.  We did out best to stay busy and occupied with the extra time at home.
We finally got out of the house a couple days later.  We didn't need anything at Menards, but it's a fun place for the kids to explore.
Possibly my proudest moment of the month was finally tackling this black and white puzzle.  I've had it nearly 3 years, started it a few times and gave up just as many times.  I was determined to finish no matter how long it took.  
I made Esme some card holders from pool noodles so she can play Seven without showing all of her cards.  As mentioned in the Christmas post, she's been loving the bowl and lid my dad made her.  It's currently storing Bluey characters.
We've gone sledding a couple more times over break.
Finally, to cap off the year, Jimmy and I saw Avatar: The Way of the Water.  You know a movie is good when it's 3 hours, but doesn't feel like 3 hours.  It was a great mix of action and story development.
We finished the evening with buffalo chicken dip and charcuterie.  We made it to the 11pm NYC ball drop and I made it to midnight.  Bring it on 2023!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Christmas Day 2022

It's Christmas morning!  The kids don't normally have too many presents to open at our house on Christmas morning.  We don't do Santa and they get so much from others that we keep it low key.  But, I found several things for both of them that I just couldn't pass up, so they had 3 gifts each when they woke up.
After breakfast, we headed over to my parents house for the rest of the day.  Before lunch, we opened the "Santa" bags my mom puts together.
We had prime rib for the main lunch meal.
We were overdue for a grandkids only picture, so we made sure to get one.  My dad wanted to get one with him as well.
Then it was on to the presents!  Parker and Esme helped Jameson and Jaxxon open theirs.  My mom and I made them their own Husker blankets with a Minnesota Twins print on the other side.
Esme has entered the peak present age and loves getting new stuff.  Parker has come in to his own as well and likes to see what's coming next.
Esme had asked my dad for a bowl with a cover, so he made her a segmented one filled with candy.  She loves it so much and stores her most prized possessions in it.
These were some of the best moments of the day.  Esme screaming in excitement for "more Barbies" and Parker wrapping himself in his pizza blanket were priceless.
We finished the day playing cards to win gift cards.  There were 13 rounds and I won 6 of them.  Not everyone lasted all 13 rounds, but I stuck it out.
Pizza wrapped eating pizza!  Now that the high chairs are out for the boys, Parker has been intrigued by them again.  He still fits!
One last picture of the guys and their bomber hats before heading home for the night.
Merry Christmas Ya'll, hope it was great for you too!