Wednesday, May 8, 2024

NYC with the Buxtons: Part 3

For dinner, we stopped at Sarge's Deli, another well known pastrami spot.
Pickles and slaw for starters.
Mile high sandwiches and sweet potato fries for the entree.
We walked the mile back to the hotel, stopping to see Grand Central Terminal.  Our hotel had two elevators, one of which was a super tiny one. Just big enough for the 4 of us.
After a quick refresher in the room, we headed out for a nigh time ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  It's a free way to get great city views if you don't want to go to Liberty Island, but I love doing it at night.
The illuminated skyline is a hard to beat view.
Saturday was our final full day in the city and we took it a little slower.  I got coffee and a pastry at Ground Central, a short walk from the hotel.  If I was social media maven I could have had a field day with pictures.  I had a stroll planned to knock off some other notable NYC sights.
Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Trump Tower
A little more central park.
We took the drain back downtown and saw the Flatiron Building.  A little disappointing with the full suit of scaffolding.  We also made another Levain cookie stop for Jimmy nearby.
Next we headed towards Brooklyn for lunch and to show my parents the church I stayed and volunteered at in high school and college.  We made it to Dominick's for lunch right at they opened.
The church and most of the neighborhood look the same, but an apartment building we did some work on and that housed many church staff I knew has been torn down and replaced.
Back on the train for another new to be adventure, Coney Island!
Not exactly a great beach day.  The breeze was extra cool with temps in the 50s.
Cocktails and a cheesesteak!
Jimmy and I took a ride on the Cyclone!  We can say we've been on iconic rides on both coasts now.
We finished up with some dogs at Nathan's.
We took the long train ride back to the hotel.  Jimmy and I perused the Grand Central dining concourse while my parents relaxed.  That night we did a proper walk through Times Square for snacks and shopping.
We had tried going to Krispy Kreme on the way back from the musical Thursday, but the original glazing machine was broken.  Just as we got to the front of the line this time, they started having computer issues or something, but we were able to get some!
My dad said this was the most comfortable seat he had on the trip. I guess I know what to get him for Christmas!  Sunday was just a travel day.  Our driver asked us to meet him at a nearby hotel where he was dropping off so we got one last glimpse of the lights.  This is one of the few places I am almost certain we will back to.
Home sweet home back in Minnesota.

NYC with the Buxtons: Part 2

Here is a better look inside the bodega next to our hotel.  We stopped here a bunch!
A little breakfast sandwich to start our first full day.
We got an early start and stopped by a nearly empty Times Square.
We stopped by the Squawk Box studio to watch them broadcast live.  My dad favorite gal was out for the day, but I was able to get myself on TV for a few seconds in the background.  We hopped on the train and headed downtown to check out the Brooklyn Bridge.
We then took a leisurely stroll towards The Battery through the financial district.
We stopped at Trinity Church, one of the oldest in Manhattan.
A requisite picture with the Wall Street bull.
Then we were off to our Statue of Liberty ferry.  It was a bit brisk with the breeze on the boat, but we toughed it out.
They have switched things around a bit since we were last here in 2010.  There is a new separate museum building that opened in 2019.  Many artifacts used to be on display in the base of Lady Liberty herself.
Here is a look up inside her guts.  You can take a spiral staircase all the way to the crown as well.  We might do that someday, but not on this express trip.
Here is the original torch and a replica of the face and feet.  This give a preat perspective on just how big she is.
All of the ferries make a stop at Ellis Island, but we opted to stay on the boat.
"I'm just resting my eyes."
On the center left of the picture below you can see a building with a platform sticking out.  This was the observation deck we were on yesterday.
We headed to Chinatown for shopping and lunch next. Joe's Shanghai is a pretty well know restaurant.  We started with scallion pancake, which I thought was amazing!
Soup dumplings are one of their specialties so we got an order of pork ones along with Shrimp pan fried crispy noodles.  The crispy noodles were not my favorite, but the shrimp was great.
We continued walking and hunting for the best deal on a hat for my dad.  My mom spotted a pork bun spot, Mei Lai Wah.  They got these in China and loved them. Once again not my favorite, but it was tops on the trip for them, especially for the value since it was just a couple bucks.
Back on the train to One World Trade Center.  We checked out the 9/11 memorial then headed over to the museum.  The building was under construction when we were here in 2010, but we did get to visit everything on our 2016 trip.  It was a somber thing to see back then and while there was more activity and noise with the nice weather, you could see people were doing a lot of reflecting.
We stopped at Washington Square Park and hoped to see a little more, but there was a rally happening near the arch. We were able to snag a quick picture with the iconic memorial.
Up Next: Pastrami, nighttime city views, Coney Island, and more.